it's not my birthday.
rectiphobia. -- n. -- fear of being corrected.

my name is bri and i'm nineteen years old. i live in georgia, the united states. i ship just about everything there is to ship when it comes to shows. mostly slash though, so there's lots of gay. i write lots too. and i'll write you stuff if you ask nicely and if i love you. and that's basically it. ya tebya lyublyu. ♥

au: non supernatural. jeremy and tyler try to make long distance work during college.
tyler is pacing while jeremy talks, unable to find the comfort he usually does in the younger male’s voice, biting down on his lower lip almost hard enough to break skin to keep words from tumbling out.

“ty?” there’s shuffling over the line, “tyler?”

“i’m here, jere, sorry,” he murmurs in response, pausing to slide his tongue over the indents his teeth left in his lower lip, “spaced out a bit.”

there’s more shuffling and tyler figures jeremy’s sitting up in bed, “is everything okay, ty?”

the reflex to say ‘yeah, i’m okay, just tired’ is overridden by the, “i miss you,” that comes out, rushed and shaky in a way that tyler hates. hates because it’s weakness and because he knows this is just as hard on jeremy as it is on him.

jeremy’s soft sigh fills the line, “i know, ty,” he states softly, that tone he gets when tyler’s being particularly thick about things, things being their relationship, “i miss you too.”

tyler swallows heavily and nods even though jeremy can’t see him, “just a few more weeks til break, yeah?”

“mhm, think you can hang on til then?” his tone is teasing and light, something that tyler is all too happy to distract himself with, falling into their usual banter to keep both of their minds off the distance.
for amber.

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